Prom Special:  PACKAGE 1 Only $99!

½ Tray Buffalo Wings
½ Tray Subs
½ Tray Cold Salads
½ Tray Chicken Fingers

Prom Special:  PACKAGE 2 Only $99!

½ Tray Wings

½ Tray Cheese Steaks

½ Tray Chicken Fingers

½ Tray Fries

Prom Special:  PACKAGE 3 Only $99!

½ Tray Cold Salads

½ Tray Wraps

½ Tray Cut Fresh Fruit


All Package Plans include: paper products and serving pieces (N/C). We have a complete line of other entrees. If you have a specific preference, we will be happy to customize any of these packages to your liking. All Packages are set for 25 guests but we would be more than happy to accommodate as many guests as you have!

COLD PACKAGE : Only $12.95/Per Person

3 Foot Sub : Choice of 2 meats & 1 Cheese

1 Tray of Wraps: Assorted Deli Meats

1 Tray of Garden or Ceasar Salad

1 Tray of Deli Salad : Potato, Macaroni, or Cole Slaw

1 Tray of Cut Fresh Fruit

HOT PACKAGE : Only $15.95/Per Person

Hot packages include plus Dinner Rolls & Butter

1 Tray of Chicken: Marsala, Francaise or Murphy

1 Tray of Chicken Fingers: Includes Dipping Sauces

1 Tray of Pasta: Vodka Sauce, Primavera or Baked Ziti

1 Tray of Meatball Marinara
1 Tray of Garden or Caesar Salad


PACKAGE 1: Only $69 plus tax; Feeds 10-12 People

What better way to upgrade your hospitality at the open house with a selection of delicious goodies from Ryan’s Deli and Catering! We also have a full selection of cold subs, fresh salads, and hot sandwiches which are always available, as well as breakfast sandwiches all day long. Also Available – Disposable Box O Joe Carton for coffee – complete with cups, creamers, sugar, etc. (10 Cups – $13.95)

A Tray of Deli Sandwiches: on specialty bread displayed on covered tray

A Choice of (1) Salad : Macaroni, Potato, Cole Slaw or Pasta Salad (All Homemade)

A Tray of Chocolate Brownies

PACKAGE 2: Only $99 plus tax; Feeds 10-12 People

A Tray of Assorted Wraps : displayed on a covered tray

A Choice of (1) Salad : Macaroni, Potato, Cole Slaw or Pasta Salad (All Homemade)

A Tray of Delicious Dessert Bars: assorted flavors displayed on a covered tray


1 Tray of Chocolate Brownies : Feeds 15 $21.00

1 Tray of Dessert Bars (Assorted) : Feeds 15 $36.00

1 Tray of Chocolate Covered Bon Bons : Feeds 15 $20.00

1 Tray of Wrapped Butter Cookies: Aprox. 36 $12.00



For the Office or Home. Looking to take a little stress off your holidays or your company parties. Are you looking for great holiday packages at affordable pricing that will free up time for the more important things in life. Family and Friends!! (All plans feed 10-12 People). All Package Plans include: Paper Plates, Napkins, Plasticware, Drink Cups, Dressing and Condiments on side

COLD TRAYS: Only $69


1 Tray Assorted Sub Sandwiches Cut and Displayed on Covered Tray

1/2 Pan (Choose One) : Macaroni, Potato, Pasta Salad or Cole Slaw

Individual Bags of Chips

1 1/2 Liter of Soda

THE WRAP: Only $82


1 Tray Assorted Wraps

1 Tray Assorted Wraps

1/2 Pan Chicken Wings

1/2 Pan (Choose One): Macaroni, Potato, Pasta Salad or Cole Slaw

4 Bottles 1 1/2 Liter Soda


HOT FOOD: Only $129


1 1/2 Tray Chicken Marsala or Francaise

1 1/2 Tray Herb Rice

1/1/2 Tray Green Beans

1/1/2 Tray Garden Salad
Rolls & Butter
4 Bottles 1 1/2 Liter Soda


HOT  & COLD : Only $132


1 Tray Assorted Deli Sandwiches on Rye: Multigrain & Marble Bread

1 1/2 Pan Penne Vodka Sauce

Rolls & Butter

1 1/2 Pan Cold Salad: Pasta, Macaroni, Potato or Tossed Garden Salad

1 1/2 Pan Meat Balls Marinara